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Leading company from Germany, Mercedes-Benz Indonesia has been inaugurated by Mercedes-Benz Privilege Parking with EQ Power Charging for the first time at Plaza Indonesia by (KiKa) Director of Maritime Industry, Transportation Equipment and Defense Equipment, ILMATE Directorate (Metal, Machinery, Industry Transportation and Electronics) -Putu Juli Ardika and Director of land transportation facilities at the transportation ministry-Sigit Irfansyah. The collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia is the first step in promoting the infrastructure of electric vehicles, namely by installing a charging station (charging bay) in the P2 Plaza Indonesia car park area, with this facility offering parking spaces & nbsp; which is convenient for Mercedes-Benz owners and is ready to meet the electric charging needs of Mercedes-Benz products in the future, such as EQ Power.JP/Vellen Augustin


Perusahaan terkemuka yang berasal dari jerman , Mercedes-Benz Indonesia telah diresmikan Mercedes-Benz Privilege Parking with EQ Power Charging untuk pertama kalinya di Plaza Indonesia oleh ( KiKa ) President & CEO Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia - Roelof Lamberts dan President & CEO PT. Mercedes-Benz Indonesia-Gunter Haefele . Kerjasama yang terjalin antara Mercedes-Benz Indonesia dan Plaza Indonesia merupakan langkah awal dalam mempromosikan infrastruktur kendaraan listrik, yaitu dengan memasang stasiun pengisian daya (charging bay) di area parkir mobil P2 Plaza Indonesia , Dengan adanya Fasilitas ini menawarkan ruang parkir  yang nyaman bagi para pemilik Mercedes-Benz serta siap untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pengisian daya listrik dari produk Mercedes-Benz di masa depan, seperti kendaraan EQ Power.JP/Vellen Augustin