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Privacy Policy

The Jakarta Post Images is committed to protect your private information, while you are using our services, including but not limited, to search for and share information, communicate with others, etc. The terms regulated in this Privacy Policy will apply to all The Jakarta Post Images websites, unless stipulated otherwise. This Privacy Policy will also regulate about what kind of information we collect and the reason we are collecting it, how we might use the information and who is responsible of your private information, and how to keep your information up to date.

By using our website, we consider you understand and agree to the terms written in this Privacy Policy. However, if you are not familiar with certain terms, you are very welcome to Contact Us.

This site is owned The Jakarta Post Images and could be accessed in Republic of Indonesia and abroad. The Jakarta Post Images is the main controller and the processor of the data. Your private information matters to us, therefore we kindly ask you to take time to understand our Policy since it may be different and less protective than the laws of your jurisdiction.


Information We Collect

The Jakarta Post Images collects certain information to provide better services to all of our users such as the websites that referred you to us, you IP address, browser type, language you speak, and more complex information including the links you click and other actions in connection with the website.

We may collect information in following ways:

·                       The private information you give us. For example your name, your e-mail address, telephone number, or credit card accounts information. You may always choose not to provide your personal information, but if you so choose, certain service might not be available for you. All personal information would be collected first time you register. Such information could be created publicly and could be revised at any time.

·                       The information we get from using our services.

We use the term “devices” to refer to your hardware model, operating system version, and other applications on your devices that interact with the internet. We may collect information about the services you use and how you use them. The Jakarta Post Images is also be able to engage a process of collecting data from devices that have been determined through statistical analysis to be linked or related with the purpose, including but not limited, to provide interest based services, collect information about your actual location, local storage, etc.


Use of Personal Information

The Jakarta Post Images collects and uses your personal information to provide, maintain, protect, and improve our sites. We also use the data to provide customer services, perform research and analysis to develop our services regarding the display of certain content of which are customized to your interest and preference.

We will also use your personal information to communicate with you. For example, if other users already have your IDs or other information that identifies you. We also may send transaction-related communication such as billing reminders and purchase confirmations. In addition, we also may send you surveys or marketing e-mails to inform you of new services and features.

We will respect choices you make to limit sharing or visibility settings in your account. We will also keep a record of your communication to help issues you might be facing. Of course, we will always ask for your consent before using your personal information that aims to other than those that are stipulated in this Privacy Policy.


Sharing Personal Information

The Jakarta Post Images does not share your personal information unless stipulated otherwise by one of the following circumstances.

·                       For external proceeding.

We may share your personal information with our partners who perform services on our behalf, or our affiliates, or other trusted business or persons to process it for us, such as companies that handle our marketing services, payment processing, data storage, host website, create the user interface, survey, etc. We promise that we only share particular information that is needed to obtain services, based on our instructions and if asked to do so, they are required to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information and are prohibited to use it to other purpose.

The Jakarta Post Images maintains a Non-Disclosure Agreement with each of the partner we are affiliated with and specifically insisted to be consisted and in compliance within our Privacy Policy.

However, personal information may be disclosed in case of merger, acquisition, transaction of companies’ assets, or bankruptcy.

·                       For legal reasons.

We reserve the right to disclosure your personal information if required to do so by law. We will disclose your personal information in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to meet with applicable law, legal proceeding, or such enforceable governmental request. Moreover, in regards to protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of our company, our customer, our users, or the public as required of permitted by law, we may reserve the right to disclosure your personal information.


Accessing and Updating your Personal Information

If you would like to review or revise the information that you provided to us, you are welcome to do so at any time possible. If the information was wrong, we strive you ways to update it quickly or delete it, unless we need to keep such information for legitimate reason or legal purpose.

We aim to maintain our services in manner that protects information from severe destruction. Therefore, we may not immediately delete residual copies from our active servers and may not remove whole information from our back up system.


Cookies and Other Technology.

The Jakarta Post Images and its partners may use several technologies to collect and store information and might use “cookies” and other similar technologies such as pixel tags, web beacons, etc. for certain purposes such as to enable you to identify your browser or devices, to sign in to our services, and to personalize and improve online experiences.

We also use the technologies to collect and store information when you interact with the services we offer to our partner or other features that may be displayed in our sites.


Security of Your Personal Information

The Jakarta Post Images considers your personal information as an important data. Therefore, we apply the generally accepted industry standard to protect your personal information. For example, in the event of entering your sensitive information on our online registration form, we would encrypt the information using secure socket layer (SSL) technology. Although we would like you to understand that there is no method of electronic storage on the internet that is 100% secure.

We would also like to remind you that it is your sole responsibility to keep your password confidential in order to protect your account and personal information.


Compliance and Cooperation with Regular Authorities

We would regularly review our compliance with our Privacy Policy. We are very welcomed with any input, complaint, and suggestion you might give us. We will contact the person who made the complaint to follow up.

We assure you that we will work collaboratively together with regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve potential complaint regarding the transfer of personal information if we are not able to our users directly.


Changes of Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy might change from time to time. We promise that we will not reduce any of your rights under this Privacy Policy without you giving your consent. We will inform you if there is any change by prominent notice if such change is very significant, by sending you e-mail or posting a notice of such changes on our home page. We encourage you to kindly review this Privacy Policy whenever you visit our sites.