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File: The Kasada Ceremony

Category: editorial May 15, 2019. Credit: Agung Parameswara




Tenggerese boys play in an alley in Ngadisari Village, Probolinggo, Java, Indonesia. The Kasada ceremony is a festival held every 14th day of the Kasada month in the traditional Hindu lunar calender to honour Sang Hyang Widhi (God Almighty) and is based on the legend of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger from the Majapahit Kingdom, from which their Tengger tribe name originates. Hundreds of worshippers from the Tengger tribe offer food and livestock as a symbolic sacrifice which they throw into the crater for the blessings of safety and prosperity to their familyies and community.-JP/Agung Parameswara/Adi/19