Layanan Pemeriksaan Covid-19

Category: editorial May 13, 2020. Credit: JP/DHONI SETIAWAN


Medical officers took samples of patients at the Prodia National Central Laboratory, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/13/2020). Prodia provides SCovid-19 examination with a real-time PCR method that detects 3 (three) target genes at once, namely Gen E, N, and RdRP in accordance with the protocol established by the World Health Organization (WHO). Covid-19 PCR examination is the main examination for screening and at the same time making a diagnosis of a patient confirmed positive for Covid-19 infection or SARS-CoV-2.-JP / Dhoni Setiawan / Adi / 20


Petugas medis mengambil sampel pasien di Laboratorium Pusat Nasional Prodia, Jakarta, Rabu (13/5/2020). Prodia menyediakan pemeriksaan SCovid-19 dengan metode PCR real-time yang mendeteksi 3 (tiga) target gen sekaligus yaitu Gen E, N, dan RdRP sesuai dengan protokol yang ditetapkan World Health Organization (WHO). Pemeriksaan PCR Covid-19 ini merupakan pemeriksaan utama untuk screening dan sekaligus menegakkan diagnosis seorang pasien terkonfirmasi positif infeksi Covid-19 atau SARS-CoV-2.- JP/Dhoni Setiawan /Adi/20